Safe and Secure X-Ray Anomaly Detection Scanning for Small Vehicles and Cargo Vans


The CPX-3300 was developed as a complement to the CPAS under vehicle surveillance systems supporting x-ray body screening of passenger and small cargo vehicles. With a flexible and compact design it can be installed easily at most entrance gates to screen occupied vehicles with minimal effect on the continuous flow of traffic. The system complies with ANSI 43.17 regulations and integrates with Comm Ports CPAS-ACDM anomaly detection software to provide advanced warnings for both internal and external vehicle security threats

Diagram CPX-3300


Drive-thru technology – Occupied vehicle scanning capability: passengers can stay in their cars during scanning process, driving them under their own power through the inspection portal.

Small footprint – The deployment of the CPX-3300 requires a relatively small ground surface without special requirements for additional infrastructure. Operator’s workplace can be installed up to 100 meters away from the inspection portal. Optionally, the weatherproof module for the operator with the electrical generator can be supplied to provide autonomous operation.

High throughput – The CPX-3300 is able to scan and control rapidly the contents of cars in controlled traffic flow (free-flow operation mode). The recommended speed of the car is 5-10 km/h.

High penetration – The CPX-3300 produces high-quality X-ray images of inspected objects through 25 mm of steel at car speeds of 7 km/h.
High quality X-ray images – To ensure proper detectability of the concealed objects, the CPX-3300 produces images with the 2% of the contrast sensitivity, 0.8 mm (20 AWG) copper wire detection capability as well as 2 mm spatial resolution.

Dual energy imaging – The CPX-3300 has an automatic color coding for materials separation (3 colors) feature allowing distinguishing between organic, non-organic and metal materials. This feature helps the operator to detect dangerous object from the various materials.

Radiation safety – The CPX-3300 ensures the low dose for driver and passenger operation (complies with ANSI 43.17 standard, lass then 0.15 ?Sv/scan) as well as protection of the operator. The inspection portal is equipped with a video surveillance system to avoid the inspection of passerby’s.

Automatic recognition of the license plate number (option) – able to identify and store the license plate number of each scanned vehicle. With the additional camera (option) the CPX-3300 is able to identify and store the license plate number of each scanned vehicle and is compatible with CPAS UVSS

Under vehicle video surveillance (option)  – Upon request, the CPX-3300 can be incorporated with the CPAS UVSS video surveillance system for under-vehicle inspection

The System includes all necessary sub-systems to enable easy and safe operations.


Main components include:

X-ray source module including X-ray generator, radiation protection shields, collimator, adjustment mechanism, air condition system.

X-ray detector module including detector array, portal, adjustment mechanism, air condition system.

Control room (optional) where the coordination and monitoring of the System functioning is performed.

Radiation safety system including an emergency stop buttons, interlocks, internal communication system, speed sensors, vehicle presence control system and a dosimeter. There is also a wide range of warning lights, beacons and audible alarms installed, providing safety related information and indicating the status of the System.

Traffic control system including traffic lights, video surveillance system.

Power supply including mains supply and autonomous diesel generator (optional).

Software for X-ray image acquisition, processing and storage.

Software Features

  • Add and store comments on the image
  • Automatic contrast enhancement
  • Real-time display
  • B/W inversion
  • Brightness and contrast adjustments
  • Color material coding
  • Database of inspected vehicles
  • Export to common bitmap formats
  • Linear measurement capabilities
  • password protection and login screens
  • zoom and pan functions up to 8X

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