Comm Port designs, manufactures and markets its Fiber Optic Solutions under OEM program at its partner facilities globally. The products pass through Comm Port’s strict guidelines of quality control and technical surveillance before entering the market in order to maintain the company’s promise of high performance and sustainability. These state-of-the-art facilities comply with international standards of quality, reliability and sustainability.

The products are tested and certified by Approved International testing Agencies according to relevant standards of Telcordia and IEC. The products also meet fire &safety standards of UL and RoHS

Fiber Optic Cables
Indoor Cable
Outdoor Cable


Fiber Optic Connectors & Adaptors
Fast Assembled Connector
ODC Outdoor Assembly
PDLC Waterproof Assembly
HDLC Connector

Fiber Optic Pre-Terminated Assemblies
Patch Cord & Pig Tails
Multi Fiber Fan Out Assembly
Mode Conditioning Patch Cord


Fiber Optic Splitter
PLC Splitter

Fiber Optic Attenuator

Fiber Optic Closures
Joint Closures
Fiber Optic Patch Panel Systems
FTTH Customer Outlet
FTTH Terminal Box
Fiber Distribution Box
Fiber Protection Sleeve
Splicing Cassette
FiberMedia Converters
Media Converter



We are committed to building a more sustainable world by aligning our processes, products and people to produce safe and environmentally friendly products. We are conscious and committed to our responsibility towards Society in General and environment in specific. Our Manufacturing facilities & applied technology deliver Environmentally friendly and sustainable Products which are certified by International Agencies.