Comm Port Technologies celebrates 20 year anniversary during Intersec 2018

The company is proud to announce its twentieth year as the leading developer of under vehicle surveillance systems.

Cranbury, New Jersey, USA, January 14, 2018 – Comm Port Technologies, the original authority and industry leader on specialized under vehicle inspection systems will be at stand S3-B12 during the Intersec Show, Jan 21-23 in Dubai, UAE to promote enhanced features of our UVSS products. The company has also reached an exciting milestone as it celebrates 20 years of delivering innovative Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems to the security and safety industry.

As Comm Port’s customer base has expanded during its twenty-year history, it has built a stellar reputation for continuous improvements incorporated in their UVSS products - specifically to provide more accuracy for immediate decision analysis. The company is led by the original founding executives and has maintained its privately-held ownership throughout its history. This has allowed Comm Port to control strategic and business decisions that ensured a consistent focus on meeting the specific needs of its customer base. “Our success and longevity is due in part to the advanced capabilities and continuous improvement in our products,” stated President and CEO, Manny Patel. “We are now a global company with offices worldwide to support the needs of both commercial and government security requirements.”

The company’s suite of product offerings has expanded over the last two decades in response to customers’ evolving business expectations and industry demands for 24/7 operations for safe and secure perimeter protection.

The most recent product release is the UVIS/UVSS anomaly detection software for the CPAS line of under vehicle surveillance and inspection systems. Comm Port’s ACDM (Automatic Change Detection Module) is an advanced software technology that can be used for comparison of any images, whether they are identical, partially dissimilar, or substantially different with instantaneous detection of variations and anomalies found in the undercarriage of vehicles.

Comm Port’s advanced CPAS products use color area scanning technology to effectively scan and inspect the undercarriage of vehicles for real-time search and analysis of images for explosive devices, suspicious objects or contraband- such as drugs, weapons or explosives (IED). This makes the CPAS system ideal for government buildings, defense buildings, Palace entrances, parliament buildings, prison entrances, Federal Reserve Bank entrances, underground parking garages, oil field terminals, refineries, nuclear power plants and any other high-profile government or industrial building that could be a potential target for attack.

With CPAS there is no waiting like what is usually found with similar systems. Security analyst can view in real-time and full color, the entire length of any vehicle. Also, there is no need for an expensive image-processing computer or control unit. Security personal can view it live with no delay and perfect image quality. The system captures in high definition color, even with vehicles moving up to 75KMPH. Image captures are created in either H.264 or MJPEG with scanning cameras available in 400FPS up to 900FPS. Optionally, the system image capture can be converted to black & white or inverted for pin-point accuracy of foreign objects.

The FLEX series is a ramp-style under vehicle surveillance system that includes modular components that can be customized to fit compact to ultra-wide vehicle widths. With hundreds of installations world-wide, the FLEX series now integrates advanced metal which allows the system to withstand up to 78 tons from stationary or mobile vehicles. Steel ramp and shoulder sections can be added to expand over multiple lanes. Additionally, the ramps can be permanently mounted or can be utilized as a portable system.

Along with the latest CPAS and FLEX series UVSS systems, Comm Port Technologies offer an extensive range of security components ranging from LPR’s and KVM Video Distribution Systems.

Visit us at stand S3-B12 during Intersec 2018.


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