When Timing is everything in Under Vehicle Inspection System Design.

CommPort’s next generation Adaptable Matrix Software (AMS) simplifies UVIS sequential timing integration with 3rd party systems.

Cranbury, New Jersey, USA, November 9, 2020 – “But it doesn’t work that way.” These are the words every Architect, Manufacturer, Security Integrator, Installer, and Customer dreads hearing. It happens on every project, it is inevitable, it is predictable, and if you are not hearing those words then at some point you are one saying them. It has been months if not years of careful planning. Internally, threats have been assessed, concepts of operations have been refined, response scenarios reviewed and vetted. Externally, you have scoured the market for the right technology, spend hours and hours laying out your design, built your requirements , defined your budgets, received your bids, and finally work has begun. Then you hear those words, “But it doesn’t work that way”, everything stops and you are headed back into another meeting, the 4th time in as many days. This time however it’s the Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS).

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) and Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) are essential components to a wide range of critical and complete security and defense designs. They address and mitigate the risk associated with multiple threat scenarios, interact with related technologies such as License Plate Readers (LPR/ANPR), Access Control/Gate Systems, CCTV, VMS, and Command Control (C2) systems. While there are as many physical manifestations, technology differences, and varying feature sets as there are UVIS manufacturers the underlying principle of how the operate is the same. A vehicle approaches, it’s presence is detected by a loop detector or other means, the UVIS begins to look for and capture the vehicles under carriage image, LPR cameras/Driver Image/ Scene cameras are triggered, Gates and Traffic lights activated and all information is collected, complied, recorded and displayed. Simple, reliable, and time tested technology.

The Achilles heel to UVIS systems is that they are inherently depended on an ordered and timed sequence of events. For example, the vehicle must be detected, then the LPR captured, then the VIS scan take place, then the traffic light turns green, the gate opens. The order may change but it is always a process defined by an embedded sequence dependent on timing. So, what appens when a customers layered physical security design or rigid concept of operations doesn’t fit the sequence? What if the gate opening comes first and a second gate comes last? What if in the middle of the sequence ID’s must be checked?

The answer may well be found in innovation of an Adaptable Matrix Software (AMS) concept being pioneered by one of the leading UVIS manufacturers. AMS is an advanced software/hardware technology that allows for independent and dependent programmable signal timing variations (inputs and outputs) within a UVIS system’s sequential information capture processes. Think of it as a large embedded spreadsheet that lists every component and its process. Now add to that spreadsheet the ability to change the order and sequence of everything listed and change its timings and dependencies. Simply put, the gate(s) can come first or last or in the middle or all of the above, the LPR can capture the License plate before or after the UVIS scan, and the UVIS scan can be triggered by either a gate open command, a traffic light change of color, or by an Access Control reader at any time in the process without regard to the vehicles speed or absolute position in the sequence.

Commercially, it allows for maximum flexibility in the deployment of UVIS systems and related subsystems frequently resulting in a measurable reduction in the overall design and installation costs. It also means that UVIS systems can be deployed in a manner that enhances an individual customer’s concept of operations and security measures rather than being a limiting factor due to hard coded process constraints. It further allows these benefit to be extended to 3rd party systems and devices with need for the length and expense of custom built API based integrations. Most importantly however it dramatically reduces the use of the phrase, “But it doesn’t work that way.”


As appeared in “Safety and Security Review Africa” OctoberDecember Issue 2020 Published on Nov 9, 2020





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